Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time Flies...

President Peterson, Sister Peterson, me, Cynthia, and Jessica

This past weekend, a few of us went up to South Jordan to visit our first mission president. (Most of the people I served with had two, the second (President Dalton) is still serving in Hawaii.) It was so fun! We had dinner, and of course talked about all of the crazy things that happened while we were in Hawaii. We definitely had a lot of adventures together, and though I've known these people for less than two years, they are a huge part of my life and some of my best friends.

I still feel weird being home, and especially being at reunion type settings like this, it really hits me that my mission ended. Not only is it over, but contrary to what I keep thinking, I won't just wake up one day and be a missionary in Hawaii again. It's not that I want to go back, I just keep thinking that I will. (It's also not that I don't want to go back- goodness knows I could handle being at the temple every day or being in celestial Kalaheo again.) But, there are also times when I think, "Did I ever leave BYU? Did I really serve a mission?" It just seems like all of the sudden I'm a year or two older than a lot of my peers and anything that has happened since February 2010 is somehow blocked out of my memory.

But life is good- in about 45 minutes my Thanksgiving break will officially begin! I definitely need a break- good old BYU and their lack of fall break- woof. And then it's only two weeks until the semester is over. I wish I could pretend to be more sad about that. ;)