Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thoughts On Sunday- Debunking My Own Testimony

I was sitting in church today during Sunday School, and someone made a comment that started me thinking. They talked about how part of life is figuring out how infinite the Atonement of Christ is. I would agree, and I feel like life is also a continual refinement of testimony, too.

I would say refinement because, especially over the past few years, I feel like my testimony has changed a lot. Where I used to say there was a reason for everything or an answer to ever question, I really don't think that any more. I think there is peace available in times of trial, challenge, or pain, but I don't think there are always answers.

I also used to think doing the right thing and being happy were synonymous. Not true. Sometimes we do the right thing and it's harder, it's less fun, and the payoff is not immediate.

I know none of this is super profound or unheard of, but it is interesting to me that I have always had testimony of Christ, but it has changed so much. I believe in Christ and I believe in His ability to provide peace and companionship in difficult times, and I do believe there are answers available as well. I guess my point is that when answers aren't clear, we still have a friend in Christ, and that's ok.