Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All Because Two Gingers Fell In Love

We are having a ginger baby! Well, at least we're pretty sure he or she will be a ginger. But, we are positive he or she will be a baby. We've had one ultrasound (which honestly looked more like an alien... or, as affectionately called by my Minecraft playing friends, the zombie creeper baby) and last week, we heard the heartbeat. So far, everything points to human!

Pregnancy is basically zero fun. While my mind and heart are excited for the baby, my body is having a sort of mutiny. So, so it goes. Three months down, six or seven to go. I've made it so far, and I feel entitled to all sorts of awards. Also, while I've always disagreed with gender inequality, pregnancy fuels my feminism even further. How could anyone say a woman is weak when she is literally sick for 9 months straight, and then expels a human with her own body?! ... More on that later. Back to the baby.

The baby is due late January/early February. I read an article somewhere about having a "due month" instead of a due date, and that seems to make more sense to me. Sometime in winter, there will be a little ginger.

Fun fact- the baby is currently the size of a lime, and we'll find out the gender in roughly a month.

I had wanted to keep it secret longer, but increasing winks and sideways glances from the Nosy Nelly's at church leave me no choice. The word is out- a ginger baby is on its way. :)