Monday, June 30, 2014

Sometimes the Universe Combines Against You

I like to think of myself as someone who can keep it together. I also like to lie to myself. :)

But sometimes, I swear it is not my fault. Anyone would have a meltdown under the same circumstances, right? Sometimes your day just has it in for you, and you have no choice. You will cry, you will feel sorry for yourself, and you will probably buy yourself frozen yogurt. It's just how it is.

Today was such a day. It was one thing after another, and I pretty much bit my lower lip off to keep from crying at work. The frustration was compounded by the fact that I am the easiest person in the world to read. This always makes my life worse. Anyone could tell I was upset, but whenever someone asked about it, I found it difficult to make the connection between a spreadsheet and my mental breakdown credible. It was just one of those days, and the spreadsheet was the last straw.

So now everyone at work thinks I have some sort of deep emotional connection to Excel and its abilities. They could be right, but it's also true that the rest of the universe was combining against me. I couldn't fight it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Girl's Quest for Attention: #7 Will Leave You Speechless, and The End is a TOTAL Surprise




The End... SURPRISE!

This is just a commentary on all of the trending articles lately. The titles are so clever and interesting, and the pieces are always SUCH good writing.