Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not Forgotten

This week was so good!

First off, I took a math test, and what do you know- I didn't fail!!! (failing math tests is a common occurrence at BYU, so this actually was a bit of an accomplishment) Good things.

Then on Wednesday I registered for classes. It felt good to actually have chosen a path and be continuing on it. Haha I guess I'm lucky econ is a short major, because it's a little rough to be 22 and just barely start taking upper level classes. So- I am way excited about my classes! The two I'm most excited about are International Trade and Finance and then Introduction to Development Studies (as in the development of countries). I am just so excited- you know you've chosen the right major when you look forward to the assigned reading and signing up for classes is like going shopping. I've also decided to minor in International Development. This just makes me so happy.

So after registering, I was walking through the Wilk and decided to stop by the Service Office. Good thing I did because I ended up meeting this guy who knows the director of a micro business organization here in Provo. Um, what are the odds?! So of course he hooked me up with all these connections, and I'm just excited because I know it wasn't by accident.

None of what's happened has been just coincidence actually, hence the title of the blog post. It's just nice to know that not only is my life going somewhere, but that it's going the right somewhere and my decisions are being guided.

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  1. oh em gee - if I wasn't getting married, I would go back to school and sit through these classes with you. so awesome! wish I knew to take this route; sounds exciting!