Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Post!

My blog needed a new post- I was getting a little, or a lot, tired of seeing huge pictures of my face right when I got to my blog.

So, an update of my life- not a whole lot going on! I'm doing above average in Calculus, for a change. I actually get a lot of satisfaction from that- I really like math, and I like getting the right answer. However, I do not have a natural aptitude for it. :( And unfortunately, all the math majors at BYU do, so I could never join their ranks. But, I like my Calc class. :)

International Development has been one of the better decisions I've made. I was so uninformed as to how complicated it actually is to try and help a developing country. It's good to know, and I like feeling like I'm actually learning something valuable. Some day, I will change the world. Or my world. Or someone's.

On a rather positive note, I have a date next weekend with someone I am interested in! How exciting.

Also, I started working in the temple about two months ago. It. has. been. the. best. Things of a spiritual nature tend to invite more peace into my life by virtue of the fact that they are spiritual, but I really feel like working in the temple has kind of spread a blanket of calm in my life. Not that things are really that rocky, but the peaceful presence is definitely noted and appreciated.

Well my friends, that is all. To life!


  1. You could even say the temple is your . . . SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY!

  2. If you would have blogged about David Archuleta, your blog post would be a million times better.