Friday, April 20, 2012

Life Update!

The semester officially ended yesterday, and thank goodness. I just need to not be in school for oh, about four months. Yes, after four months I should be able to handle it again.

All in all this semester wasn't too bad. Econ didn't quite destroy me like I thought it would, and my other classes were fine too.

The most interesting part of my life is that I am dating someone! His name is Matt, and I really like him. Matt and I actually both served in Hawaii as missionaries, but only crossed paths once that I can remember. There was a mission-wide conference, and I had heard a lot about him from a Tongan sister I served with. Matt speaks fluent Tongan, and so this sister loved him. Anyway, I went to introduce myself and tell him I had heard good things about him, but when I went to talk to him, he barely made eye contact and said maybe two words to me. I figured he was just one of those elders that didn't talk to sisters, and it turns out I was right. Also, Matt doesn't even remember this. So sweet, huh?

So we both got home, and I ran into his twin brother at the temple. I thought it was Matt, but this gave me an excuse to message him on facebook. He responded politely, but that was about it. Then, a few weeks later, I saw him again at a mission reunion. He talked to me a little more here, but it still seemed out of politeness. Later, he realized we had a friend in common (thank you facebook) and messaged me asking if we could all hang out sometime. I gave him my number, and would hear from him randomly over the next few months. Then another guy from our mission had a mini-reunion for missionaries who had served on Kauai. When I heard that Matt would be there, I decided to go, even though I had been camping that weekend and it was midnight before I could make it to the reunion. It turns out Matt had come because he heard I would be there, and had been waiting for more than two hours! So, after we saw each other that night, he asked me on a date, where I was really impressed by how nice he was, and how assertive he was. He asked me on a second date as he walked me to the door that night, called me two days later just to talk, and definitely made sure I wouldn't forget him over the next little while. Smart guy. :)

So, we've been dating for the past month, and it is good! I'm excited to see where things go, and for the moment am enjoying getting to know such a great guy. (For real- every person I ask thinks he's the greatest thing ever. I have yet to find a flaw!)

Matt came home with me at Easter- this is us displaying our bunny cakes!

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