Friday, July 19, 2013

Too Fast

Last night my friend Farris and I wanted to go play tennis. We weren't 100% positive on where the courts were, but I knew the general direction and so we decided to go with that. 

Mistake. I get lost enough to know that me knowing the "general direction" is a recipe for a lot of wasted time looking for our destination.

Anyway, when we finally found it, we realized we had only brought one racket. So, we opted for the swings next to a playground where some kids were playing ball tag. (Like tag, but someone throws a tennis ball at you to tag you. Painful- yes. Fun- also yes)

They invited us to play, and quickly began inquiring about our relationship and lives while we all dodged ther person with the tennis ball.

Kid: How old are you guys?

Me: Guess

Kid: Hmmm... well, I think he's 17 (he's 27) and.... you're 16 I bet. (I'm 24)

Me: Haha nope. We're older.

Kid: Do you have kids?

Other kid: No way! She's way too fast to have kids!

Me: Haha uh yeah, I don't have any kids.

Kid: Are you guys married?

Me: No

Other kid: Yeah but they like each other! Look, she's chasing him! (why can't we just go back to that?)

And we continued to play, while Farris told them I was just shy about it, but we were actually in love. Good times.

PS Remember when I gave that old man a fantastic high five? I've been running several times since, and three times I have reached out for a high five with different people, and three times I have been rejected. I wonder if that was just a magical once in a lifetime thing. Because I'm starting to look like an idiot when I go jogging with my unappreciated high fives. 

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  1. Those kids sound incredible. Also, I am so sad that you haven't received a high five since that old man. It further proves HIS awesomeness, for being the only person thus far to validate you via high five.