Sunday, December 22, 2013

Registering... Marriage is only one month away!

I have been registering for gifts from Amazon for the past two hours. It actually pretty fun, though dilemmas like this have occurred more than once-

What I would have bought if I were still single in college:

What a responsible, mature, married couple should have:

Also, registering is a funny concept to me. Everyone does it, but I can't help but think we won't get most of the stuff we register for. So, in a way, it makes it even more fun- "Oh! That looks cool- click! Maybe someone will buy it. Or maybe no one will spend $500 on a blender for us, but you never know! Maybe they'll get that sweet bamboo serving tray instead."


  1. No. I think you should register for the Mickey Mouse toothbrush holder. I'd buy it for you. Fact.

  2. Don't expect any of those gifts from me...Like Bryce, I'm going to buy you something far more enjoyable.