Sunday, September 27, 2015

France and Baby: This week in pictures

Bonjour from Grenoble!

Oh the desserts. They will be the [happy] death of me. Here we have panna cotta with raspberry sauce and an assortment of gelatos- pear, lemon, and passionfruit. The pear was so good!

Halfway there! She's almost up to a pound now. Funny thing about this little lady- she only kicks if there's something against my stomach. Perhaps she feels strongly about personal space? Also, French people aren't very discreet about wondering if I'm pregnant or just fat... this usually manifests itself in confused and slightly disgusted, and lengthy, stares. Oh well.  

 We are surrounded by mountains! The next few are just some snapshots from the walk to Nate's school.

.Ok so this is mostly the bridge, but check out that mountain in the background!

So beautiful!

Friday night we took a little trip in these glass "bubbles" to the bastille in Grenoble.

The shadow of our bubbles before we went over the river.

The trip was a little scary, but it led to a great view!

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