Monday, March 28, 2016

On the Bright Side

As an update on my last post- things have been going great! We made the switch to formula (or rather- my body stopped making milk in spite of my efforts and we wanted to keep feeding our child). Though I've been disappointed, I'm so grateful we have options. We're all happy and healthy, and Emma has even slept through the night on her own the past few nights- fingers crossed she keeps doing that!

So now for the good stuff- pictures! It's crazy to me that in just 7 weeks, Emma has grown from this... this! She is smiling all the time! We are loving it and are grateful for our cute and cuddly little baby!

She is a funny little baby too. We're not sure exactly why, but the changing table is her absolute favorite place to be. Whatever mood she's in beforehand, if we put her on the changing table, she's suddenly all smiles and enthusiastic wiggling. Also, nothing soothes her as well as some firm pats on the back. She will often fall asleep while we're burping her!

We are loving our little sugar!

Also, this Easter season has me especially mindful of our Savior and the hope He brings to my life and the lives of others. Because of His divine help, I know I'll have my little family even after this life and also receive strength along the way.  

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