Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have only gone to do sealings three times in my time as a full-use temple recommend holder. All three times have been a bit of an adventure!

The first is likely the most entertaining. I went early on a Saturday morning and had just thrown myself together before leaving. Apparently my disheveled appearance was no deterrent as a young man who was also there asked me on a date as we were leaving the temple. I turned him down, fairly certain we weren't a match. Months later I learned he was the roommate of one of my close friends, and they had all talked about how lame I was for saying no, not making the connection between me being one guy's good friend and the other's rejection story!

The second time, I started not feeling too well as soon as we were in the sealing room. When it came to my turn, I got a little lightheaded, started blacking out, and the next thing I knew, an old man was helping me off the floor. Temple workers are so funny- they gave me juice and had me lay down for the next half hour. What an adventure.

Third time is the charm, and so when I went to do sealings today I knew I was likely in for some sort of treat. I wasn't there for more than ten minutes before I started getting really hot, light headed, and had to leave. They tried to get me to stay, but I am a veteran of passing out in the sealing room, so I knew what was best. I didn't take the juice this time though... I should have- I like that juice.

So, the moral of the story is that I won't do sealings anymore. I don't mind staying away from sealings- there are plenty of other things I could do. My only concern is what about when it comes to my sealing? I'm sure I'll be all sorts of nerves on my wedding day- I hope I can keep it together!! Fainting during my own wedding isn't really a cute story.


  1. Just get married in a garden or something. Your parents have a nice big backyard.
    - chris -

  2. If you faint during your wedding, I will laugh so hard. But not too hard because we aren't supposed to. But inside, I will be laughing so hard.

  3. Ah Hahaha "what about MY sealing?" Don't worry, we'll go practice a few times.