Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Since When?

I'm not exactly sure how, or why, but somehow over the past year I keep finding myself in situations that really belong on a TV show. Except in this TV show of my life, my character keeps getting placed in situations that don't really correlate with the type of person she is.
I don't consider myself a diva. I like myself for sure, but I really think I'm pretty average. I'm nice enough, some people like me, some people don't... overall my place in a social situation is fairly unobtrusive.  So tell me why yesterday, more than once, I found myself in situations that screamed, "You, Miss Caitlan, are a jerk."
Per Exempio: A boy crossed my path as I was walking to my car, and stopped to say hello. I said hi back, and then asked where I knew him from (assuming he was wondering the same). He looked mildly surprised, but then politely responded that he had taken me on a date a little while back. The memory came back to me, and I really had no redeeming response.... I'm a chamipion!
It would be acceptable, nay- tolerable, if this hadn't happened more than once. I've felt like a tool multiple times in my life, but not recognizing someone I've gone out with is probably the worst. This and other similar events keep occurring-- where I don't remember people I have spent significant time with, I can barely tolerate a conversation with someone that I find annoying, or- I get chastised by an elderly employee of BYU for muttering, in less refined words, how cheated I feel by the bookstore (be it known that I still consider the bookstore and student housing the most prominent examples of monopoly and extortion in my life).

...Caitlan, the underqualified diva, at your service

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