Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Goodness

I loved this video. It was a good reminder let the past be past, for myself, and for others.

There is something so healing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And yet, while it heals, it also inspires us to be better. We can let go of old scars and also look forward to a future of change and progression. It is so great!

 As I've taught at the MTC the past few weeks, my weaknesses have certainly come to the forefront. I feel like I just watch myself struggle as I try to teach these missionaries something I was never sure I had gotten right. However, I'm coming to understand the Gospel in new ways and also in ways that I knew, but needed to be reminded of. I also feel like I'm reminded fairly regularly that I have nothing on these missionaries- this is just as much, if not more, a learning process for me as well.

I guess the main point of this post is just to express gratitude. I'm grateful for our Savior, and for how His Atonement completes all that I lack (which, as time passes, seems to be a growing list). I'm grateful for the opportunities I have to learn and grow, and for a Heavenly Father that gives me those opportunities. Life is difficult, (and I haven't even experienced that much of it- woohoo 23!), but I feel like refinement is priceless.

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