Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week in Review

Here are a few highlights of the past 7 days. I have loved:

1. Rainy autumn days. The air is so crisp and clean and fresh- mmmmmm!

2. Running on rainy autumn days. What better way to experience cool air than to exercise in it?

3. Roommates and old roommates. I am never lacking when it comes to lunch dates!

4. Best friends who, even though their bedroom is right next to yours, still see the need for a mid-week sleepover.

5. A class where we talk about a little figurine magnet from Chiuhuahua, Mexico and how politically incorrect it is for a half hour.

6. 12 missionaries who either drive me insane or make me laugh every day. Usually both.

7. A fellow teacher that makes everything hilarious, and puts things into perspective.

8. An apartment of boys playing Risk on Sunday afternoon, even if they united to destroy me. At least I was a formidable force at one point.

9. A best guy friend, offering all sorts of good advice and insights on demand.

10. Indoor rock climbing while catching up on dating stories

11. Joico conditioner that starts every day with true happiness. How can you be in bad mood when your hair smells so good?

12. A best friend who comes to visit from Boston, and because she is married, only wants to hear about my life. What's up- being single = still having drama = Caitlan is center of attention

13. A scarf that adds instant class to any outfit. Thank you American Eagle.

14. A bestie that gives me advice on how to teach the Gospel more effectively as he cleans his hand gun and I cuddle with a giant stuffed dinosaur.

15. A friend letting me borrow his scriptures more than once in a day, but instead of just a regular hand off, turns it into some sort of detective work with clues and secret meeting places on campus.

What a week, and what a funny/fun life I have.

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