Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a 5.10a, a hand-caught fish, and some chocolate ice cream

What a day. It's been pretty dramatic for more reasons than one, but I will say that it ended much better than it started, and the good began at about 3:30.

Jessie and I recently acquired (and by acquired I mean paid for) memberships at the rock climbing gym. Awesome. So today we met up and did some climbing! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could still climb the levels of climbs that I did before my mission. Not that I was any good, but at least I didn't get worse! So today the level I climbed was a 5.10a and I also took down a 5.10b, which, I was satisfied by.

The fish! Brock and I were walking by the Provo River and saw a bunch of people fishing, and he made the comment, (or maybe like 20 comments) about how much he loved fishing and wanted to go. Next thing you know we are knee deep in the water, hunched over with our hands open, poised and ready to grab these fish with our bare hands. It was ridiculous, the water was disgusting, and it was incredibly fun. I think the best was us trying to be quiet and hold still so as not to scare the fish. I can only imagine how we must have looked. So, after some stratagem, I have my hands open and ready in the water, Brock scares a bunch of fish towards me, and I grab one! Haha I have never touched a fish before, so while I was really excited to have caught one, I wasn't prepared for how squirmy the fish would be, or how slimey. So I screamed, and threw it straight up in the air. I am not sure how much longer the little guy lived, considering it spawned, and I probably gave it some sort of heart attack, but even though it ended up back in the water, I still consider myself a success. I have caught a fish with my bare hands. You've got nothing on me, Smeagol. You either, Pochahontas.

And, because three fun things in a day are better than two, I thought I'd mention the chocolate ice cream I bought today and shared with my roommates. Except it was more than chocolate- it's a BYU flavor called Earnestly Chocolate- chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow and carmel, and little chocolate carmel cups. Delicious.

Ooh and my Banana Republic cardigans came today. That was like Christmas on its own. 

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  1. Hahahahahaha "You've got nothing on me, Smeagol." Day = made. That is so unbelievably rad that you caught a fish with your bare hands. I should not be surprised that it was with Brock, heh.