Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Les Midge

This past week I went to a comedy show with one of my good friends, and my favorite sketch was easily "Les Midge" where they told the story of Les Miserables via The Hobbit. You have not lived until you have heard Gollum sing, "I Dreamed a Dream". Anyway, it seemed a fitting title for this post.

Life's lesson lately seems to be having lots of good options to choose between. It's mildly aggravating as the best choice isn't always apparent, but I suppose there are worse situations I could be in. This plethora of options has manifest itself in both dating and job opportunities. Equally stressful, actually. However, I suppose making choices teaches us what we really want, and thus helps us to grow. Sure.

This is how I feel about dating currently. It's like I'm vegetarian and I keep getting offered meat. Steak? No, I don't eat meat. Well how about some pork? Still meat. Chicken? Meat. Hamburger? No Life- you cannot offer me another meat from the same animal- it's still meat! However many options arise, I'm still hungry/single! And then suddenly I'm offered a veggie burger, and the choice is less clear. To be continued.

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  1. Truth or Dare?

    Why would you want to be a vegetarian? Even in an analogy?