Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Know You Have a Problem When...

When it's been 2 weeks since you've cleaned your room (problem #1 I guess), and the majority of the clutter is bags and boxes and tissue paper, and, unfortunately, receipts. I'm getting dangerously close to being a shopping addict. I just love Banana Republic so much, and when a sale is good, I can't be stopped. (I also felt like this blog needed a lighter post, just to break of the monotony of my drama)

I didn't think I was that bad until I was cleaning my room this morning, and it seemed almost every other item I picked up was a remnant from a shopping trip. Granted, my room is small, but still- when the laundry is equal to the new clothes, it's time to cut back.

The trick is really for me to just not go. I never think I need something, but then suddenly when I'm at the store it's like, "Oh my gosh- I have needed that for SO long. I better buy it." Good job marketing, you've successfully created false needs and thus real expenditures. Yikes.

But- look at how cute these shoes are! I got them for 50% off, and I love them.

See? They're flats, black and white, a little bow... I had no choice.

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