Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Extended Version Coming Soon...

From the outside, I can definitely see how Nate and I getting engaged seems like it came out of nowhere. However, it didn't. :)

Nate and I met about two years ago when we both went to the Provo temple to do proxy sealings. He waited outside the temple until I came out, and asked me on a date. I not so gracefully declined. I thought nothing of it until a few months later, I went to a party with a good friend who ended up being his roommate. He was there and... talk about awkward- everyone at the party thought it was hilarious though.

So for the next year and a half the three of us were good friends and hung out all the time. As I got to know Nate better, I wished I could take back my initial decline. After more than a year, Nate gave me another chance and started asking me out again. After 2 months of going on dates, we started dating. Things didn't match up, and I broke up with him.

A few weeks later, I came crawling back and we dated again. Again I changed my mind and broke up with him.

This time the break was for the summer. I kept waiting to get over Nate, but instead of the feelings going away or diminishing, I found myself missing him more and getting over him less. No one treated me as well as he did, I didn't respect anyone as much as I did him, and I guess I just plain missed him.

More later, but, long story short I called him and just told him I didn't expect him to, but I wished he would take me back. And the nicest guy in the world that he is, he did. And now we're getting married. :)

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