Thursday, February 13, 2014

All of the Above... One Month Later

I realized that I posted exactly one month ago- woohoo time for a recap!

Somewhere around the end of July/ beginning of August, I started feeling like my life was going to change come fall. I wasn't sure what it meant- a new job? A new living situation? A new... cross my fingers... relationship? Little did I know it was all of the above. Six months ago, I was single, working at the MTC, ready for another year at BYU, and pretty sure I was destined to be in Utah till at least 2015. Well, we all know I was about to be pleasantly surprised. Graduated, married, my last day at the MTC was yesterday, and we're moving to Seattle. Like tomorrow. Best believe I have thoughts on all of those.

Graduation- I already wrote a post about. I gained a lot from BYU, and I'm ready to put it to use. There will always be a place in my heart for my time here though- the fun, the spontaneous, the difficult classes, the painful times, the friendships, the frustrations of dating, the loneliness, the learning, and basically just the life changing.

Marriage! I am married. It's funny- living with and being with Nate all the time isn't weird. But whenever I say, "I'm married." it's a novelty. It's only been three weeks, though.

The wedding was its own kind of crazy. Anyone who was there knows that the man who married us was a straight up loon. Like- his very own special brand of crazy. During the ceremony, people were shocked as he spoke about everything from spousal abuse to run-ins with chainsaws. Yeah- crazy.
But, at the end of day, Nate and I are still married, before God, our shocked guests, and our special friend Mr. Looney Bin. I guess it really is a testament to the power of God though. I still feel that our marriage is sacred, God is a part of it, and we will be together forever, regardless of whatever weird people do.

The honey moon was awesome, though. We spent a wonderful relaxing week on the Big Island- driving a convertible, eating fresh fruit, enjoying hikes and the beach, and going to National Parks.

The MTC. I had my exit interview yesterday with my boss, and it was hard to believe that my time there had come to an end. I have never had a job so demanding, rewarding, exhausting, and just thorough. My boss and I talked about how much I had changed since I was hired, and I talked about how much refinement I felt I'd experience since working there. In a lot of ways it was like another dose of the mission in that I was so aware of my weaknesses, but was also given the regular opportunity to look outside myself and help someone else. I've taught about 800 missionaries, and now it's someone else's turn.

I will definitely miss the insights and the learning the missionaries experience, and that I experienced too. I will also miss having a spiritually focused job. At the same time though, I could definitely feel that it was time for me to move on. Everything has a time and a season- someone will take my place, and I will go elsewhere.

...Elsewhere meaning SEATTLE!!! When Nate came home and told me he had the job, I started crying because I was so happy. I LOVE Seattle. I loved it when I lived there, I've loved it when I visited, and I'm going to love it as Nate and I begin our lives there. So awesome.

I'm excited for the adventure, and I also think it will be good for Nate and I to start over somewhere together. Utah has a lot of memories for us, but they are mostly of our single lives. So- let's get this marriage thing started. :)


  1. Hi Caitlan, you probably don't remember me, I was one of your EFY participants many many years ago. We're still friends on facebook, and so I like to every once in awhile see how you are doing. You're blog is so great! Congratulations on EVERYTHING! you're so beautiful. Good luck in Seattle :)

  2. Sooo happy!! You deserve every bit of this goodness.