Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Road Less Traveled... At Least By Me

First off, I absolutely love this song by John Legend. I have always appreciated the realness and sincerity of his love songs (haha especially PDA) and this is no exception.

This song talks about how he loves this woman with all of himself, and loves all her as well- whatever mood she's in. I felt it rather fitting as that is definitely Nate- loving me no matter what. And- let's get real- I'm a moody kid.

It got me thinking about why I married Nate in the first place. I married him for many reasons, but one of those reasons was that Nate is different than I am. Our strengths and weaknesses have almost a direct inverse relationship, but I actually wanted that. I dated a lot of guys because we had things in common- because they thought like I did, they liked the music I did, or they agreed with a lot of my opinions. Eventually I decided I already had more than enough personality, and certainly didn't need to be reinforced. And so there is Nate- my other half. He is not my other half in the sense that we are a continuation of each other, but in the sense that we both provide what the other needs- the half that was missing before.

Is it difficult to be different? Yes. But I am so grateful for a husband that excels when I lack, and allows me to show him things as well. So those are my thoughts. Being with someone like Nate was not my normal course, but it has proved to be so much better.

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