Thursday, March 13, 2014

I talk a lot. Since I'm home alone, I'll blog a lot.

I like to read those silly articles people post on facebook. You know- the ones that have titles like, "What is ACTUALLY wrong with Miley Cyrus" or "The Best 10 Ways to Wear Pants". It's like dessert for my mind- useless, no real nutritional value, but still enjoyable.

Anyway, today I saw one that was called "5 Relationship Myths" or something like that. They always have numbers. However, unlike most of these mental dessert articles, this one had a little quote I found rather profound-

As a rule, notice how many times the word should enters your thinking process when it comes to your relationship and try to let it go. There are no shoulds or molds that you have to squeeze yourself into; there's only what works for the two of you.*

I love it because I feel like my mind is filled to the brim of "shoulds". Not just in a relationship, but in everything. I think there are so many external expectations for what we wear, listen to, eat, think, handle social situations... the list goes on. It'd be hard to break it, but I'd like it if I could always do things just because I wanted to, and not because I felt like something else was telling me I should. And, I'd like to practice not being disappointed or frustrated when things don't go the way they "should".

***Because I read enough syllabus in college to know that plagiarism is wrong,  here is the article-

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