Friday, March 21, 2014

Something Nice

I came across this video because someone had posted it on facebook (Yep, my day was made better because of facebook. What have I come to?) and it was actually perfect timing.

This video was a little ray of sunshine when I was having a slightly rough morning. While there is much to love about my new life, I would be lying if I said all the changes have been easy to adjust to. I'm not worried- I think anyone would have a hard time graduating, getting married, and moving all at once. So a big part of my focus right now is just letting myself have a hard time and making adjustments instead of being angry for not being happy every second. Luckily I'm married to the greatest guy in the world, and he's very patient.

I liked this video because it reminded me how grateful I am for Christ, and goodness in general. There is so much good in the world, and there is so much good in my world. Thinking about Christ reminds me of that and helps me to be patient, trust in God, and be at peace. I get stressed out no matter what life hands me- good or bad, and so I'm glad that I can remember Christ in any situation as well.

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