Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sometimes your house is messy but you blog anyway.

Nate and I have been married barely two and a half months. I think I have cried more in that time than in my whole life put together before I got married.

Now, before you think that my marriage is wholly at fault, just wait a second. I am married to a wonderful man, and the longer we are married, the more I realize this. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the tears from flowing.

I am truly beginning to believe my tear ducts were somehow super-charged once I said, "I do." I cry ALL THE TIME. A cute commercial? Tears. A happy baby? Tears. A pretty hymn in church? Tears! I am telling you. Before I got married, I didn't even cry when I broke up with someone. (To be fair, anger and pride can usually neutralize tears) Now it's like I'm biting my lip every day so I can hold it back, because who cries over YouTube?

So now if Nate even barely disagrees with me, my mind isn't even bothered and I can logically tell I shouldn't be phased, but I can almost immediately feel my eyes welling up.

Maybe it's the birth control. Maybe it's because Nate never tells me not to cry or wonders why I'm upset (even if it makes no sense. Show me a man more compassionate and sympathetic than my husband.) All I know is that I am now a big baby. So it goes.

On to other things, I am volunteering as an intern at The Borgen Project. It's pretty cool- they advocate for Congress to increase funding on Foreign Aid. If anyone can make a difference in the world, it's the US government, so call you Congress person today!

I am also working at the Gap. It's great. I feel like my two occupations are rather revealing. Saving the world sounds good, but so does wearing cute clothes. I guess I'll do both!

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