Thursday, January 17, 2013


Flirt fighting -> flighting.

The age old way to get someone's attention. It begins in elementary school, when the boy steals your pencil case.  You get so mad and threaten "to tell". But secretly, you love that he even noticed your pencil case.

It progresses. In middle school, you tease each other about test scores or make fun of each other at track practice. Same thing. Pretending you hate each other, but caring enough to still talk to them or get their notice.

High school the game continues, but it's slightly more intelligent. A battle of wits, a dis on the kind of music they like, or even commenting on their clothes. Still flighting.

And onto college. Here is where we digress. Perhaps because we've had all this experience with flighting, we're ok at any level. Back to stealing things. Back to teasing each other because we have nothing else to say. Flight on, young adults, flight on.

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