Sunday, January 20, 2013

Target Audience

In a lot of classes I've taken, we talk about a "target audience." The people whose attention you are assuming you'll capture and retain. The people who will care about what you're trying to share. Common interests, if you will. Basically- the ones you would like to win over.

Tell me why, my whole life, I haven't been able to quite get this "target audience" right when it comes to stunning people with my personality or dashing good looks. Allow me to proceed with examples.

I spend all day on a campus full of young adult men. Most of my coworkers are young adult men. Many of my friends are, you guessed it, young adult men. This, ladies and gentleman, is my target audience hopeful.

However, it is only when I go to the Reading Office at the MTC, employed by senior couples, that a woman stops mid answering-my-relevant-question to tell me that I should go out with her son, and that my appearance would really do a lot for their gene pool. Points for being clever, old woman, but no points for your son that never called.

Or perhaps when I went to the TRC, another office at the MTC employed by senior couples, that an elderly man shakes my hand and starts asking me questions about myself. Never letting go of my hand, he steps closer, tells me I am beautiful, and asks for my number so that his grandson can go out with me in his place.

How about the most recent? I am in the temple, asking a senior sister a few questions that are related to the situation at hand. Instead of answering, she comments on my great complexion. I say thank you, and again ask the original question. Instead of answering, she reached out and touched my face and hair, commented again on my coloring, and really never responded to the beginning inquiry.

I do appreciated the compliments, really. I mean, who doesn't like it when someone says nice things? But I'm starting to feel like I'm writing an arctic ice climbing article for a knitting magazine. I need to come at this from another angle so that I can address the audience I'm intending to sway- that is, the young adult male. It would be super great if they would stop mid-sentence and tell me I was breath taking.

Sweet dreams are made of these.

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  1. Can't stop laughing, old woman stroked your face, dying of laughter.