Friday, February 1, 2013

Story of My Life

I went to the temple today, and I had intended to do sealings. (I've been doing this thing lately where I rotate through the ordinances) (I also figured out how to not faint doing sealings, so don't worry- marriage is still a go someday) However. a good looking guy came in about the same time as me, and I figured he would most likely do a session. I decided I could squeeze in the time, and figured why not?

I was right about him doing a session. What I was not right about was his availability. I had forgotten that Provo is never safe, and had totally missed his bright shiny wedding ring. And now there I was, already set to do a session for the next two hours, even though I had only planned to be there for one hour. Now I was barely going to make it on time for my class later, and the dude was married. Sacrificing for naught.

Watch out for this sucker. 

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