Saturday, May 11, 2013

The. Best. Run. Ever.

This is short, but it made my entire day. I was running up a hill, and passed an old man walking the opposite direction. I smiled and waved, and he did the same. A little bit later, I had turned around and was now running down the hill. I was listening to this song- (which made the moment even better)

and saw the old man again. We smiled and waved again, and then brilliance struck. We should high five! So- I raised my eyebrows and held out my hand. He totally reached out and we exchanged one of the best high fives of my life. I sprinted all the way home from the euphoria. 

It was very similar to this. 


  1. Incredible. Unbelievably incredible.

  2. You are so cool. This old man is equally cool.