Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Stop Believin'

My life is ridiculous. But every once in a while, well maybe every day, Heavenly Father throws a little gem my way to remind me that things really aren't as bad/overwhelming/important as I make them out to be.

For example, I went home this weekend because my friend Erica was going through the temple. I showed up for the session a half an hour early in hopes of getting a good seat and not being rushed. As I was making my way to the temple from the parking lot, I saw this couple in jeans walking on the grounds. The distinct impression came that I should talk to them, so I did. It turns out they were from Belgium and were on their way to Wyoming. When they saw this crazy huge white building with a gold statue on top, they thought they might stop by. We talked for a little bit about religion while I led them through the maze of construction, etc., that led to the Visitors Center. We got to the Visitors Center, I handed them off to the sisters, and went back to the temple.

Because of the time this took, I ended up not making it to the session, but went and did sealings instead. First of all, I felt pretty grateful that I was in the right place at the right time to talk to the Belgium couple. How neat! And then this was my first time doing sealings. I kept thinking about how cool it was that regular people like myself and the others present got to take part in such a special thing. Here we were, making it so families could be united even after death. You know, just part of our Saturday morning.

Another cool experience I had was a few weeks ago at Temple Square. A bunch of us from the mission got together and went to Salt Lake for the evening. We were at Temple Square for a couple hours and stayed long enough for the sisters to be gone. My friend and I were walking around and ran into this group of people taking pictures. We offered to take a picture for them, and found out they were from New York, and wanted to know more about this church. It was so cool to be able to answer their questions and just share a few things about the temple and families.

I guess I just feel grateful to know that there are ways I can help people. I think that's one of the greatest blessings of the Gospel- whoever we are, we have something to offer that can help someone else. And who knows what happened to the couple from Belgium or the group from New York, but I think I'll let myself imagine a happy ending for all involved.


  1. You are pretty much awesome! Thanks for being such an amazing example for people like me! You are simply incredible!