Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Other Girl

One of the best parts about being back in normal life, and at BYU, is all the drama. I'm not sure if it was like this before my mission and now it's just a novelty to me, but good night there is a lot of drama right here in P-town. For the most part, I love it, and I think it's so funny. Sometimes though, it does get a little stressful.

Of course, the bulk, or probably about 99% of the drama is centered on dating. I happened to have totally lucked out this year and have the most awesome roommates ever, so no drama there. We're all different ages, at different points in our lives/majors/whatever, but it works. Maybe that's why it works.

So back to this dating thing. Gooooood night it's crazy. I could feel it as soon as I stepped on campus, especially during the first week of school. Everyone here is on the hunt. Everyone. I'm getting used to it, and kind of rolling back to my old self, except better because now I'm better at talking to people. (Thanks mission!) It's kind of fun though, almost like a game with a points system.

He stopped to talk to me: 2 points
He asked for my number: 5 points
He texted: 3 points
He called: 10 points. Make that 15. Nobody just calls! It makes me nuts!
He asked me out: 15 points
He never called again: lose all points
And, to transition to the title- it turns out there is another girl: Negative points. Must find other boys to break even.

Over the past week, 3 of us in our apartment have been thrown into the same boat, though at different extremes. Each of us had a certain someone we were thinking about, and then, one by one, each of us discovered the truth. Another girl. Someone else that he needs to resolve things with first, couldn't let go of, has liked since the dawn of time and now she's showing interest, etc., etc.. Oh these other girls. This is not new to me. She's always there, this other girl. You know, the one you scour facebook to find, and once you do, the analysis begins. Is she really cuter than you, or is it just because she wears so much makeup? And look at all these stupid picture of her and her roommates- she definitely is not very smart. And on and on it goes. In reality, you might be friends with Other girl. She's probably a good person, but you hate her by default.

I think my sister Elise put it best when she once said, "That's how it always is. Either you don't like them as much, or they don't like you as much. And when you like each other, you get married."

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