Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to Ordering Pizza

In light of recent events causing me to be on both sides of a situation, I have come to realize that dating really is just like ordering pizza. Everybody has certain toppings and sauces they want, and when you find someone who is looking for the same pizza as you, or at least one that would make a good combo, you get together! But if you are looking for different kinds of pizza, well, then you just have to keep looking. Should the metaphor be failing to make sense, what I'm really saying is that everyone is looking for different things. I used to think that what I wanted was fairly universal, and if I thought there was a connection, it would be mutual. I have since learned this is not the case. Just because I think we'd be perfect together, or the reverse- he thinks we'd be perfect together, does not mean we would be. We need to both think that.

It's too bad there isn't a standard for toppings. I mean, we're all looking for pizza. We all want someone who is a faithful member of the church (crust) and serving a mission never hurt anyone (sauce and cheese). But apparently not everyone wants pineapple (the same sense of humor) or green peppers (weathered perspective) or mushrooms (level-headed). They probably want some gross meat-lovers pizza. (someone who can jump really high?)

Which, true to my metaphor, sometimes I like meat-lovers. But usually not. I am, at heart, a green pepper kind of pizza eater.

I guess I'm just looking for my fellow pineapple lover. I know you're out there somewhere.

On another note, I went to a really good mission friend's homecoming this weekend. Here's a bunch of us HHM returned missionaries!

Smith, Lunt, Larsen, Garritson, Clark, Sandoval, Me, Post, Sister and President Peterson


  1. I want a meat lover's pizza (i.e. someone who can jump really high).

  2. is a veggie pizza someone who can barely get their feet off the ground?