Saturday, June 9, 2012


I saw this ^^ on and thought it was pretty funny. The last reminded me of our roommate theme for the summer. My roommates and I have had various themes while we've lived together. For example, last semester it was, "This is my life." (as in, "don't let some loser guy decide where things are going, because this is your life too" or, "Yes, you should buy that dress you really like, because this is your life." or, "Yes, you should go for that awesome job/major because this is your life.")

Well, this summer it is, "I am way too awesome to be with just anybody." To go into further detail, this phrase was born from a discussion between Cynthia and I, both recently returning from events where we were asked, multiple times, why we weren't married yet or if we were planning to be soon. We talked about how we wanted to be married, and how (admittedly, a bit conceitedly) we totally could be married had we taken the opportunities in the past, but how we weren't willing to settle. My favorite quote of the conversation, "Look- I am single by choice, not circumstance." And thus was born, "I am way too awesome to be with just anybody."  

Oh my funny life and friends.

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