Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food for Thought

Most have probably seen the link to this blog post pop up on their facebook a time or two. It's a post written by an LDS married man who deals with same-gender attraction. I found his opinions especially interesting because I spent a great deal of time on my mission defending the church's stance on homosexuality, and I mostly talked with people very passionate in their opposing views. Because this man is so unassuming and also unobtrusive in his views, I found it very refreshing to read, and also thought provoking. (It probably also doesn't hurt that his views align with mine in that he is a faithful church member.) Though I do not struggle with same-gender attraction, I came away feeling almost edified. I was mostly impressed by the fact that his companion is so understanding, and it occurred to me that real love includes feeling safe and trusting another person in the midst of weakness and vulnerability. Anyway, give it a read if you have a minute!

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