Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Useless Musings

I once read a book about dating (in high school- how hilarious that I thought it mattered then) that said every woman has exactly the love life she wants. That is certainly a comment worth debating, but for whatever reason it has stuck with me the past few years (just two years shy of a decade actually) and as I've mulled it over, I really think it may be true.
You can always find what you're looking for. If you want to just have fun, then by golly it will find you. For example, I have always appreciated being able to tell a good story, and what do you know, events in my life keep occurring that render my repertoire ever current for girls nights or long hours at work. Just when I think I've reached a cap on good stories, things like going jogging lead to an unexpected kiss under the stars, the temple becomes a happening place for getting dates, and going to dinner results in a reunion with the star of one of my more dramatic tales. And that's just this week.
I do appreciate being amused, and the goal is to eventually find someone who contributes to an entertaining life.

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