Monday, July 9, 2012


Yesterday my roommate Angie and I were in ward correlation (a mostly productive church meeting, minus a few side conversations here and there) and in the midst of discussing ward activities, one of the leaders mentioned he had a box of zucchini from his garden. Angie and I both got excited at the prospect of zucchini bread when he said it was up for grabs. So, we followed him to his house, picked a squash, came home, and went to town on the child sized vegetable. Please enjoy the adventure that ensued via photo.

It was sooooooo delicious. And that crazy huge zucchini yielded 20 cups grated! Woohoo zucchini bread for the rest of the summer!

As a sidenote, best quote of the day:

"Um, no way. I can't date him because he has less than 100 facebook friends."

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